S.M. v. K.M.: When Family and Criminal Matters Meet

     As if divorce isn’t bad enough, sometimes a family’s circumstances also involve criminal charges or allegations. What happens when there is a pending criminal matter that directly involves the family during a divorce? When seeking the family court’s involvement while a criminal matter is pending, not only are the parties involved required to comply with certain procedural requirements. Judges are too.


Thinking About Appealing? Think Fast!

     It is an unfortunate yet common occurrence. A potential client meets with me to discuss whether he/she should appeal a trial judge’s decision. In reviewing the facts of the case and the judge’s ruling, it appears an appeal may be successful. However, when I look at the date of the judge’s Order, I noticed it was filed several months ago. After some further digging to confirm my unpleasant hunch, I look up at the potential client and say, “It’s too late. You’re out of time.”